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Last updated on March 26th, 2024

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dvd to mkv converter

MKV video files are very popular among people since long time ago. This file format is highly flexible and supports different major types of audios and video codec. The MKV file is an open-format with no licensing requirements.

However, many videos do not come in MKV format. People need to convert to this format. If you have a DVD with video files which you want to convert to MKV that is easily possible. There are DVD to MKV converters that will help in this process. Most videos in DVDs come in DVD-Video format which is a video format for consumers.

The reason to switch to MKV format from DVD is because MKV format can be played by most media players while DVD is subjected to a few. Following our simple tips, you can convert from DVD to MKV format and the bonus is, that the quality will stay the exact same.

How to Convert DVD to MKV Format?

If you are wondering about how to change from DVD video format to MKV, the conversion process is very easy. All you need is the right set of tools. There are all sorts of programs out there that help people convert video files from one format to the other.

Changing from DVD to MKV format is not hard at all. All it takes in some minutes depending on the size of the file. We will be teaching you two proven programs on how to change your video format from DVD to MKV.

Among the multiple ways to switch, the two that we mention are the easiest to follow and learn. We’ll be listing a paid technique where you’ll need to shell out some money to acquire the program and also a free way of switching.

DVD to MKV Converter #1: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (Paid)

WinX DVD ripper platinum free download now

When people wish to change or convert their DVD disc to a digital format, there are high chances that the owners of the DVD will surely want to store and keep all the original files including the tracks, audio, video, subtitles, menus, and even chapters with losing the original quality. This is why most people decide on converting to MKV as it stores all these data without compromising on the quality.

One of the easiest ways and the most trusted way to rip DVDs to MKV format is by using the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. This is a paid program. Using this, you can easily rip your DVD to all sorts of other formats including MKV format.

WinX DVD ripper platinum will extract the MKV video from your DVDs. The notable benefits of using this software include:

  • Simple to use, just 3-step process. Good for novice and pro users.
  • Able to rip old, scratched, and copy-protected discs.
  • Allows users to not only convert but also backup, copy, and rip DVDs.
  • It converts the DVD into digital formats that most portable devices support these days including iPhones, Android phones, TVs, PC, and even Chromecast.
  • The ripping speed is fast.
  • Built-in media player and editing function to help you produce better quality output.

Official page:

Steps to Rip Copy-Protected DVD to MKV Format Using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Using WinX dvd ripper platinum to convert from DVD to MKV is quite simple. Here are the steps:

  • Make sure you download or buy the software from the official site and install the software successfully.
  • Insert DVD to the computer optical/DVD drive and launch the software, upon launching, select the DVD Disc option in the top-left corner of the screen. You will prompt to choose your computer DVD drive letter, select it and hit the “OK” button.
WinX dvd ripper platinum ripping steps
  • After the DVD is imported, an “Output Profile” window will pop up, choose the General Profiles category and click on the MKV Video option.
  • After this, choose the Destination Folder: location to store the output file (optional step). The software offers other recommended settings:
    • Select “Use High Quality Engine” or set “Deinterlacing” for better image quality.
    • Enable “CPU Core Use” or “Hardware Accelerator” box to process DVD ripping faster.
  • Select the title that needs ripping and press the “RUN” button. It takes some time and your DVD disc content will be converted to MKV format.
Alternatively, you can use another reliable paid DVD ripping tool – Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro to rip DVDs to MKV format.

DVD to MKV Converter #2: MakeMKV Beta (Free)

If you do not want to pay for software or you are not in a position to afford it, then that is not a problem. There are free ripping tool alternatives to convert from DVD to MKV like HandBrake, VLC player, and MakeMKV.

Although most of the free rippers can convert proprietary formats into formats that can get played in most media players, those freebies always have some limitations. The following are the features of MakeMKV:

  • MakeMKV supports DVD and blu-ray ripping as well (including encrypted discs).
  • It is able to preserve all the original quality, which means you won’t have to lose or compromise on the quality.
  • It also preserves all the important data like chapters, audio, video, subtitles, track language, etc.
  • The software can run on Windows, Mac OS X, as well as Linux and it is quite fast in converting.
  • It is really easy to use MakeMKV. The interface is simple to understand but the interface looks old.
  • The only output file format supported is .mkv.

Official site:

The Steps to Convert DVD to MKV Using MakeMKV

Before using the software, ensure that you have already downloaded and installed the program. Using the MakeMKV software is not difficult and if you are not sure just follow the steps below:

  • Insert the DVD into your optical/USB DVD drive and launch the MakeMKV software.
  • The software should be able to auto-detect the disc. If not, click on the “Open DVD disk” button to import the DVD. All the titles and tracks will get displayed.
MakeMKV interface
  • Select whichever contents titles, audio and subtitles you want to convert.
MakeMKV interface
  • If needed, you can change the “Output folder” and change to the intended output file location.
  • Once you are ready, press on Make MKV button and the conversion process will start. Conversion duration depends on the speed of your device as well as the size of the file being converted.

Note: Make sure to carefully select the contents. If you want all the contents, then simply select all. However, if you want to exclude certain clips, tracks, or other files, you can always untick them. For each content, you can also check the file size, length, the codec, and even the language.

Alternatively, you can use another free tool to convert the DVD to MKV – HandBrake.

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Conclusion: Use Better Software to Convert DVDs Can Ensure Quality Output

The main reason why many people want to change the DVD to MKV video format is the convenience and the ease to play such videos any time they want using any compatible media player.

DVD formats can be played only when you have the physical DVD with you. But you can avoid this by digitizing the DVDs to other file formats like MKV, MP4, VLC, MOV, etc.

When converting from DVD to MKV format, the best way is to use a reliable DVD to MKV converter like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to avoid loss of the quality of the original file.

If you follow the steps we suggested above, you can convert from DVD to MKV and still retain the original condition and quality of the file. This means, no data will be lost.

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